Projector Motorized Mounts(Steel)


  •  Mount extension is from 100cms to 250cms.
  •  The product is made up of Steel.
  •  High quality motorization
  •  Quiet and smooth operation
  •  Maximum weight capacity is 15kgs
  •  Colours Available : White


Technical Specs SPM
Motor Synchronous Motor
Ceiling board(widthxlength) 305x280mm
Electric hanger  120mm
Connecting piece  290mm
Motherboard W*W 490*490mm
Motherboard inner W1*W1 400*400mm


Model Description Ceiling Depth Max Load Weight(Kg)(with box) Weight(Kg)(without box)
LG-SPM100 Steel Motorised Projector Lift 100 Cms. Min. 500mm 15Kgs 22.3 20.1
LG-SPM150 Steel Motorised Projector Lift 150 Cms. Min. 600mm 15Kgs 25.6 23.5
LG-SPM200 Steel Motorised Projector Lift 200 Cms. Min. 800mm 15Kgs 21.8 20
LG-SPM250 Steel Motorised Projector Lift 250 Cms. Min. 1000mm 15Kgs 27.3 25.5