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With an extension of 150 cm, this high-quality, Aluminium projector mount offers a smooth operation with the maximum weight capacity of 15 kg.

  • Mount extension is from 150cm
  • The product is made of Aluminium
  • High quality motorization
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Maximum weight capacity is 15kg
  • Colours Available : Grey

Description Aluminium Motorized Projector Lift 150 cm
Ceiling depth Min. 600 mm
Max. Load 15 kg
Motor Tubular Motor
Power Supply 220-230V 50 HZ
Width (W) 576 mm
Depth (D) 550 mm
Bottom Plate Width (W1) 490 mm
Bottom Plate Depth (D1) 490 mm
Lift Size Closed (H1) 205 mm
Lift Size Opened (H2) 1460 mm
Connecting Piece (L) 284 mm
Lift Size Opened Including Fixing (H2+L) 1744 mm
Suggested Projector Size (WxHxD) < 400x190x400 mm
Control System RF
Product Weight 17 kg
Shipping Weight 19 kg
Shipping Dimension (LxWxH) 700x680x200 mm