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LG-VHS accepts one VGA input and converts into one HDMI output signal at resolution up to 1080p.

  • No need any software, plug and play
  • All the hardware conversion processing with images of high definition and excellent brightness with high image quality
  • Supports HDMl 1.3 version, automatic detection HDCP

VGA Input Resolution 800*600@60Hz, 1024*768@60Hz, 1280*720@60Hz,
1280*768@60Hz, 1280*800@60Hz, 1280*1024@60Hz,
1360*768@60Hz, 1440*900@60Hz, 1600*900@60Hz,
1680*1050@60Hz, 1800*1440@60Hz, 1920*1080@60Hz
HDMI Output Support 480p/720p/1080p/60Hz
Audio Input Connect stereo amplifier of headset
Power Input DC5V, 0.5A
VGA Input Connect the host PC or laptop computer with VGA interface
HDMI Output Connect HDMI connections are high-definition TV or Monitor HDMI Interface
Audio Input Connect Audio out interface from PC or laptop computer
Product Weight 0.2kg
Shipping Weight 0.4kg
Product Dimension (WxHxD) 100x20x80mm
Shipping Dimension (WxHxD) 110x90x90mm


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